I'm Erin Dobson, a UX Designer based in Vancouver, BC. What sets me apart as a designer is my ability to translate a feeling into a digital experience. I am intrigued by the human emotion and our digital body language, and tap into this to create a better experience for users. 



This project came to fruition during COVID-19 when the daunting news of our reality became a catalyst for random acts of kindness. This platform is a space for us to post and share acts of kindness happening around the world to boost oxytocin levels and help people cope with anxiety and fear. Essentially, this is a place to go to feel good!


What if you could experience everyday the way you do when you travel? With this proximity based ticket distribution service, break out of your typical routine with last minute access to events and experiences happening all around you. 


A subscription box service supporting local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. This service was designed to offer a new way for small businesses to reach customers and create an alternate revenue stream. 


ReShirt Co. is an initiative I launched to battle the current system of today's fast fashion industry by giving old clothing a new life. Clothing is hand-selected from local thrift stores and becomes the canvas and inspiration for new designs.