ReShirt Co. 
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The Challenge
It's almost summer and storefronts are filled with the cheapest version of the newest trend made overseas by underpaid labor workers. Bike shorts and whatever a Kardashian wore on the runway that someone decided would now be cool for the season is every mannequins #OOTD.
The problem is, these lace-up body suits or shoulder cutout shirts are replaced by another trend the next season and consumers are quick to update their wardrobe accordingly. In North America, 9.5 million tonnes of clothing is sent to a landfill every year, the majority of which could be reused or recycled. ​​

The Outcome
I decided to contribute to redesigning the current system of today's fast fashion industry by creating a clothing company that gives new life to clothing that has been donated for reuse. All ReShirt Co. clothing is hand-selected from local thrift stores to become a canvas and inspiration for new designs.  
Founder and Designer


Research Goals
  1. What are the biggest issues with the current fast fashion industry?
  2. How are other companies responding to these issues? 
  3. What are the current trends in the fashion industry and how can consumers be made more aware of the impact of their shopping habits?
Secondary Research
I read a lot of articles and reports outlining the major issues with the current fast fashion industry and trends in consumer shopping habits. The biggest issues are waste and unethical employment which are driven by huge corporations. This is a problem that needs to be changed on a systemic level. The good news is that consumers now more than ever are informing themselves of the impact their shopping habits and are more likely to make conscious decisions. Ethical clothing companies are becoming increasingly popular fast fashion brands are beginning to feel the effects, with some even going out of business. 


Concept Development
The process of launching ReShirt. Co involved designing and screen printing the clothing, creating a social media marketing campaign to gain traction and interest, and designing the ecommerce website. 
  1. Create an ethical clothing company that reuses donated clothing so each piece is one of a kind.  
  2. The message is important - people must be able to inform themselves quickly of the issues with the current fast fashion industry and how ReShirt Co. is making a positive impact. 
  3. Support local. This company can be more than environmentally conscious and by sourcing all clothing from local thrift stores we can do even more good. 


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