Welcome to an archive of my creative outlets

In addition to UX/UI design, I love to draw, paint and experiment with a variety of different arts. I believe that continuing to develop my creative practices and challenging myself helps to keep me inspired in all aspects of my design work. Here's some of the passion projects I've been working on.
Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 10.19.28 AM.png
I have always had an interest in skate culture and often draw from this community for inspiration. I have recently gotten into acrylic painting and decided to merge these interests and create a series of boards inspired by Vancouvers west coast scenery and lifestyle
In contrast to the skateboard decks, I also have been practicing more traditional acrylic painting. I am in the process of a creating an ocean series, focusing on capturing the highlights and shadows of dynamic waves.
Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 2.07.40 AM.png
As someone who is environmentally conscious and an avid thrift shopper, I've always enjoyed upcycling furniture and pieces for my home.
Recently I created a cafe style table for my kitchen. I sanded, stained and hand painted a mandala print on the plank to give it a boho feel to match the aesthetics of my apartment. 
Another recent upcycling project I completed is a mirror frame with a hand painted, acrylic tropical leaf print. I took an existing mirror with a simple finished wooden frame, sanded it down and repainted it to something that could be just as much an art piece hanging on the wall as a functional piece of furniture.